Esmat is a writer, blogger, and an artist; sometimes a web-developer. He has been blogging since way back in 2009. Then launched Akidwithgreatambition.Org in 2011, for which he received numerous web awards from the blogosphere. He has been a guest speaker on blogging in several occasions.

Along the way, Esmat became interested in how the internet works and began to tinker with the programming side of it, and the byproduct within few months was – developing and designing three websites for local organizations.

Esmat is a Global Citizens Youth Summit alumni 2016, Seeds of Peace International Camp alumni, 2014 & 2015; Yale Young Global Scholars, Science Policy and Innovation alumni, 2014. He has co-founded Voice of Peace, an Afghan youth movement group.

He is currently a student at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He does not believe in good and bad because it is not the accurate way of thinking about an issue, “good” and “bad” are labels that distort the real point of an issue; as such he thinks it is rather best to use logic than playing with labels. Though he believes there are always moral implications to something, one should just refrain from using those labels as a means of pursuing discourse and debate. He hates the dogmatism. He loves open-minded conversations. He likes to hear you criticize him, time and again, he thrives, however, please make it constructive criticism. And if you happen to have time, take a chance to play chess with him.

He loves reading, and he will often use this quote if he’s around you, “We live to read”. He loves everything French, currently learning the language. He loves cubism, mostly Picasso ones. He can be annoying too – forgetting something, sometimes being late to respond, sometimes assuming he’s right when he’s wrong.

He strongly disagrees, with how the school system currently works; he believes creativity matters more than grades/marks, he believes the current situation whereas the smartness of someone is determined by their grades is completely wrong.

He writes here, as often as he can about what he’s thinking. Email him here. Tweet him here. Instagram him here. (Facebook, yes, but not really that responsive there.)

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