Open Tabs

by Esmat

Much like in real life where I keep ‘mental tabs’ open, I keep a lot of ‘open tabs’ on my web-browser, and much like my mental tabs, I don’t close them when I don’t need them. Just in case maybe.

Last time I closed a tab, was I think back in late August. Since then, I have rarely, sometimes weeks to end, checked the backlog of tabs open. Currently 28 tabs open.

This is a strange reminder of how much of things I have open as ‘mental tabs’ in real life. Not to mention, dozens of notebooks, filled with sketches; drawings; notes jotted down in a hurry; sometimes unreadable, little reminders of stuff to do, things to talk about, things to do, places to go, chores to do…everything but a mixtape. Then again, I rarely go back to those notebooks. There’s an urgent need for me to go back there, at least for the sake of gaining the creativity momentum.

Back to browser tabs.

Thanks to Chrome, the brave browser, who haven’t succumbed to crash. Not a single time, at least since the last time I closed the tabs, which was back in late August. Though, I agree, Chrome is a big memory hog. I’ve noticed that.

Mental tabs I’ve noticed has a much more taxing effect than my browser’s open tabs situation.

Open Tabs – Back-to-back Times articles, lots of New Yorker, certain pieces of Economist, no Harper’s (Have them downloaded as PDFs, because of the ubiquitous paywall), Facebook always pinned to the left side, Twitter pinned right by Facebook, Couple of funny cat videos on Youtube, and jingle of links I have no idea of their presence, maybe a followed the link from somewhere, maybe…

Pocket App, an iPhone app, which bookmarks and saves links, which I thought was the saviour the last time I closed the browser tabs, hasn’t really been that helpful. Most of the links I send to Pocket to save for later is from the time I use Twitter, and I don’t like the idea of going to another app to check the articles I saved for later, kind of counterintuitive to my brain, so I almost never check the Pocket. 284 reads the red counter on the Pocket app on my iPhone which indicates the unread pieces I’ve saved for reading them later. 

A simple solution: make a section that’s only for bookmarking and saving links for checking them out later inside Twitter. You’re welcome, I just gave you a billion dollar idea. Now go and make it happen. I won’t sue.

As for the solution to ‘mental tabs’, I think making life simple would certainly help.