India, Exams, Stress

by Esmat

I know I haven’t been writing much lately. Or at all. There has been a lot going on really.

A lot that I should take note of.


Anyways, I went for a one week trip to India, part of the Afghan Delegation to attend a cultural exchange program between the two countries; Afghanistan and India.

The trip was a huge acheivement. Much thanks to my hardwork as well, not to pat myself on the back, but really, I will shamelessly take the credit for all the hardwork I did during the trip and before the trip, making it all happen.

Of course, I was the team leader, being the mature one among a troupe of four high school students. There was a teacher who took the role of ‘supervisor’, but at times, I was the one who portrayed the role of a supervisor. I will give him some credit, because, he was older, he was a teacher, he certianly has more life experiances than all of us combined, but…then, I was the one who had been previously part of delegations. So I had done it before, and I had experiance in the aformentioned area more than my teacher. So my teacher, in his infinite wisdom, appointed me as the team leader. He even made a point of it by circuling up the boys, and telling them, “You will listen to this young man here, he has as much as Salahyet as me, and you have to do whatever he says.

I remember, the night before travelling, I was the one who spent the entire day, morning, till the very dark of the night, standing in rain, cloths dampened with rain water, waiting to get the visa. Entire day, had to move more than four times, in and out of the places I don’t like going to because of the insurgency here, just to make the trip happen.

National Bal Bhavan – Children Assembly, the cultural exchange program/ organization, took care of us, and treated us in a very kind and hospitable manner. Staff, people, children, and everyone, basically, treated the Afghan Delegation with such hospitatilty that is unpresedented in my eyes. I haven’t seen such love, care and hospitality much like the one I experianced in a week I spent with them. They truely impressed me.

Every night, day, there were programs, more than lectures, talks, seminars – they were things that, to my knowledge, makes life fullfiling. A fullfililng experiance. A simple fullfiling experiance. Like making threads. Like making a clay pot with your own hands. Or kite-making.

Nights, the Afghan Delegation had a front seat to watch  what I call A-level performences by professional dancers, singers and performers. And let me tell you, they were beyond mesmorizing. I loved every dance and song and performence. Truely amazing.

Towards the end, the night before our flight back to Kabul, the Afghan Delegation had a performence as well, much to my frustration over agreeing to which song and way of dancing, we had an standing ovation and were requested to perform once more. Again, love and kindness, I haven’t seen much to this level. Qarsak and Atan, they loved the moves. My second time performing both of the dances on stage this year. First time being Seeds of Peace late in summer this year.

And India without visiting Taj Mahal is not really that great of a trip. So, we were given a very special tour of the Taj itself, by a fantastic tour guide, who answered all of my questions, even the most surprising questions I asked.

When turning away to leave Taj Mahal, I asked the tour guide a question, that he found shocking, but was I serious. I asked how much was the price of land, if one were rich enough to buy some piece of land inside the Taj Mahal residency. His answer was far beyond convicing. Taj is priceless.

Last day, the Afghan Delegation toured around Delhi. Humayon Tomb, Lotus Temple, India Gate…

A trip to remember. Saying farewell, was hard, as always when I take good memories.

Back home, Kabul.

Final term exams were waiting to begin as soon as two days after I arrived.

Yesterday, I had Sports & Computer exam. Computer was easy. With ridiclously easy and simple questions. Took less than 5 minutes. One of the questions, without any joke, read – “Is virus good or bad for computers?” the other one read – “Can computers get affected by virus via Internet?”

When it was the turn of Sports. First, to the teacher’s amusement, he asked few of the students to do stupid things around the class for fun. Maybe for his own pleasure. He made of one the students do 50 sit-ups and downs. I don’t know how relevant that is to all the ‘Sports notes’ he gave the entire year. Wasting everyone’s time. Then at the end, after he had all the fun, said – “If all of you are okay with 50 marks (60 being the highest) then you can leave the class right now, those who want 60 marks may stay behind and get ready for questioning.” Everyone left.

I will leave you with these two stories to figure out how ridiclous the exams are.


The only predictable thing about life is it’s unpredicability. Of course, that stresses me a lot. I have been doing some Yoga. Nontheless, I have been stressed. Life is what I assume the true meaning of suffering. As Nietzsche once wrote, “To live, is to suffer.”

More than anything. I have to keep hope.