Spent Nights Worshipping Music

by Esmat

There’s a part of me that will worship music, always, not the cheap trash, not specially the funk, sorry if you like the funk music. Not my taste. I just don’t consider it music.

But music. Music that will go miles and travel the centuries. There’s a certain musical instrument which I call ‘the beloved’ , the name other people use is Rubab (aka. Rabab). The deep and sometimes narrowing sounds of it makes my heart go la la la, ra ra ra…

A single piece of ‘the beloved’ will make my day.

Nights – my way of spending quality time would be, either to read a book that sits on my bed side table; or to listen to a piece of music (preferably a Rubab piece), eyes closed. The only other option – reading the book while listening to music.

Sometimes, I listen to music for the sake of music itself. Not because of some feeling I have for it to be quenched by some piece of music.

Music has shown the breadth of humans emotions, feelings and a lot of other stuff about humans. We tend to smile, laugh, cry…and music has shown our capacity of emotions in a way no other medium has. I don’t think music is a ‘medium’ but far greater than that.

I have to sleep now, it’s midnight almost. I have been listening to Zarsanga for quite a while. I had more to say, let’s call this part I.

*Also, read this piece I wrote a while ago about the evolving state of Afghan music’s landscape.