Tea Lover Diaries

by Esmat

Among other things, I am a tea lover.

I love, love, love tea. There is this unquestionable love for tea I have. I really can’t imagine a world without tea and how my days could go without having my cup of usual earl gray tea.


My mug, which is usually in service of providing my mouth with tea, is rarely washed – because it’s always in service of doing it’s job. I think mugs are important too. Over the years, I have had countless mugs. Some of them have stayed, others have cracked, thrown away, gifted, showcased for their honorable services of them providing my mouth with tea.


Couple of months ago, I was somewhere for a while, where I was literally dreaming of peach tea. As soon as I could call someone, I told her “Could you please send me a packet of peach tea?” I could not wait any longer.

Few days later, when I received the parcel, everyone gathered around me to open the parcel. They were weirded out by my love of tea. They were quite disappointed when I opened the parcel to find my tea. Although, I was almost crying with happiness for receiving the precious “Lipton Peach & Mango Tea”.

Next lunchtime, I took few tea bags to my table. I encouraged them for embracing a cup of tea. They loved the tea and was soon asking for more. I had to keep some for myself.


Breakfast and dinner – and all the time in between them, I drink tea. It quenches my thirst like no other drink, except water, which I give credit. Though I agree with a negative aspect of it – caffeine.

Couple of years back, I did an experiment. I challenged myself with not drinking any drinks that has caffeine. I think it only lasted few short weeks. I had to drink tea again.