A Short Anecdote – Vacuum Cleaners

by Esmat

Today while vacuum cleaning my room, amidst the cloud of dust surrounding me, and the high pitched noise of the chinese-made vacuum cleaner, I remembered an anecdote of buying a vacuum cleaner I loved.


The name’s Bosch. It’s proudly German made. It’s proudly exported around the world. Bosch makes some of the best vacuum cleaners the money can buy. I know this because I did a quick Wikipedia read about the Bosch vacuum cleaners while I was in Australia, when someone was buying one, because of some vacuuming around the house.

For few days we went to Harvey Norman, where they sell house items like furniture and appliances. We took a look around few things, just wondering around, there it took the sight of us, there it was, the whiteish-white colored Bosch vacuum cleaner.

“Lookin’ for a vacuum cleaner mate?” said one of the store reps. Whose name brought a smile to my face. (Since I am not good with remembering names, I leave it to your wild imagination to figure out a name with a funny pronunciation.)

We said we’ll look around. But we only stood there in the glory of the most beautifully designed vacuum cleaner I have ever seen. It looked so solid, full of power, ready to swallow every bit of dust around itself.

We moved around, here and there, but only found ourselves back to where the Bosch was proudly lying.

The store rep. knowing how impressed we had become by the little Bosch beast made sure to present us with all the features. By God, at the end when we were leaving Harvey Norman, he made sure that we hated every other brand. He would compare some other brand with Bosch and would say “If it was me buying a vacuum cleaner, I would be sure to pick this one, Bosch..”

We took Bosch home. Unpacked. Read the manual, page after page, momentarily giving a glimpse of a look towards Bosch, excitedly waiting to use it.

He plugged Bosch’s plug to the wall socket. I pushed the red button to start it.

It is still to this day, my only experience of the most quietest vacuum cleaner I have ever seen. It was amazing, that it was so quite, yet so powerful that it gave a new look to the carpets and the floor, removing every bit of dust from the carpets.

I brought every other piece of floor carpeting to the hall and enjoyed vacuuming them. Spent the whole afternoon fiddling with Bosch here and there.


We as consumers tend to overlook things, because most of the times companies want that to happen to our brain and how we think of their products, but sometimes, we may get lucky.

Today, while vacuuming my room with the chinese-made vacuum cleaner, I cursed at it many times for not working the way it was advertised to work.

Maybe someday I’ll buy another Bosch for myself.