Learning As A Graduate

by Esmat

Since I am recently a graduate and I don’t have to go to school, I have dedicated my time to learning now. Hahaha. It starts right when you thought it had ended.

It’s actually more productive for me. Really productive. Which means I choose what I learn about, how I learn it and how I schedule everything. I know the value of time. I know how you can’t return a single second or a minute back when it’s lost. I also deter from a lot of BS subjects I was taught at school. Stuff which was generally very not true and contradicting. I just found them very stupid. A lot of my time was wasted because a lot of the times teachers were not there at class regardless of stupid stuff they taught.

As an artist, yes I am an artist, I believe it’s important to have that space. That blank space sometimes that you need to work on an idea in your head. You need that perfect silence and space for your brain to work – otherwise, it’s a futile attempt to keep at it. It’s how I think and it’s how it has worked for me for a long while. School a lot of the times, came in my way of doing creative work. School instead of encouraging me, most of the times it happened that I was very discouraged. At school, art was not something important. It was always at the bottom of things to learn about. Always taken as a joke.

I find these days very enjoyable. I take my time very seriously than ever and I get to do a lot of writing. Most of it in the style of a diary.

Then at nights, I fuel my head with a substantial cache of readings. At my night table – there are quite few books which I have been progressing through; Salman Rushdie’s new novel; Austin Kleon’s How to steal as an artist; David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas; Milan Kundera’s Unbearable lightness of being. And few others. Reading these, gives me the necessary elements to revive and re-stroke my brain for new things to make up, new things to write about, new things to learn about, and how to survive as an artist.

When you think about it, it’s really an enjoyable and a fantastic way to learn and keep learning. It’s actually fun. Who would have thought that it could be this fun to learn?

I don’t learn because I have to. I learn because I enjoy. I learn because it’s fun. I learn because I find stuff interesting often.

There’s a huge relief to my brain now that I am learning this way.