Amnesia Flash

by Esmat

I had a bit of amnesia flash today. I fell asleep somehow around three in the morning. With my computer’s bright screen flashing on my face. The tall IKEA light on. I was wearing a sweater.

I woke up around nine in the morning. My computer’s lid was closed and was next to my bed. The tall IKEA light was turned off. I was not wearing a sweater, it was somehow on my bed side.

My room was locked. So nobody could have came inside and did all of that. There’s a high chance that I have done those stuff and now I don’t remember.

I just remembered an article in The Guardian written few years ago about Galeano where he says ‘My great fear is that we are all suffering from amnesia’. He was talking about how he doesn’t remember his dreams and when he does remember them, they are very ‘stupid’ compared to dreams of his wife. I think that fear is very credible and very imminent.

Though on a second thought, it could help the creativity flow in a way. Somehow, except the remembering part.