Thinking About Selfishness

by Esmat

Somewhere along the way I did not to take things too seriously.

Somewhere along the way I made stupid choices.

Somewhere along the way I compromised on things that shan’t need compromise.

Somewhere along the way I did not think things through.

Somewhere along the way I did not value time as much as it should have been valued.

Somewhere along the way I…

Notice something along those lines – I imperatively use the pronoun ‘I’. The moral, precious, responsibility bearing ‘I’. It takes tremendous courage to use the pronoun ‘I’ and to use it when you know you have to use it. Some people are mistaken with this notion that they should not bear the responsibility for something they should, because it will make things harder for them, that it’s wrong. They unfortunately put the ‘I’ on the shelf and instead use the very common ‘You’, ‘They’ and sometimes if apt We. But mostly, it’s ‘You’. I am proud to say that I use the pronoun I more than You and They.

One of the ways people avoid using the ‘I’ is by blaming someone/something else, because suddenly you have no responsibility to bear, everything shakes off of your shoulder. Blaming is a very compelling tool to use when faced with some argument type challenge, yet very dangerous and very wrong in the sense that I mean it’s not moral. Yes that is dangerous. Dangerous for the society we have turned into, where we have people beyond selfish with no glimmer of altruism. I have nothing against people wanting good for themselves all the time, what I am against is the type of people that despite witnessing people getting hurt in front of their faces will not care. Again, not even that but the simple sense of feeling a sense of community is a task taken of feeling altruism towards your fellow creature type – fellow human.


We must not forget that humans are a type of animals, and has the basic emotion of fear among other emotion features that other animals also happen to have (developed over age through evolution). There is this constant fear of something bad happening – what in fact saves us human beings is this feeling, that we think ahead. We happen to have a brain to think about something like this so it makes sense that we do this. But other animals can also sense fear, what they can’t do is think. A rabbit can be threatened by a hyena, but that rabbit can’t really think and focus on building strategies to save itself, eg. build a fort or produce a knife out of a bare wood.

Just like animals we are afraid and in constant fear and we tend to look out for our own kind – fellow human beings. We always want the better for ourselves, then the ones closest to us. We always want the good things, not only the okay things. We always want more, we are never satisfied with the little. And we always get to fight just like animals; sometimes for money and sometimes for the woman. This all makes us selfish. And maybe it’s supposed to be this way. Maybe this is the right way for humans to move forward and survive. After all, we are animals.


Being selfish has ended making humans dominating everything within their reach including other animals. Now I know I might be getting out of context here; but I want to emphasize the selfishness of human beings. I even believe that the sense of selfishness is hardwired in the human genome, but let the scientific community prove that.

How come, when, and by whose authority did we get the right to dominate other animals and make use of them. Now almost everyone will think of an instance when religion influenced and brought this idea, that we can use other animals as we wish. People don’t get to realize this but it’s incredibly cruel. Imagine if another animal smarter than humans – could dominate the human society and use it however they wanted. That’s only an if, but think about it. Would that be okay? Of course not. Then who gives us the right to do that to some other animal.


At a time where you have creatures so selfish (as I have described in the above paragraphs), how can you expect them to use the pronoun ‘I’ instead of using the overused ‘You’ voluntarily. No, I am not trying to make the human society look cruel or dark and evil. But I want to know why human beings act on selfish terms and not even realize.

Using the pronoun ‘I’ is an act of not being selfish. Using the pronoun ‘I’ is taking the liberty to tell the truth. Using the pronoun ‘I’ takes courage and honesty. Using the pronoun ‘I’…


There are a lot of instances I have caught myself going deep into thinking, mostly when I am at a public venue and thinking about the human selfishness. Mostly bringing examples of my own, of how I have been selfish. Witnessing an act of selfishness brings examples of how I have been selfish, then going backwards to how all the mankind is selfish.

And is that okay? Is it okay being selfish? Really, not to stigmatize selfishness but really, is it how we are supposed to be?

(Yes, selfishness is a state of being. It is not merely a temporary act. It’s a constant motive that we have.)

It’s just that I cannot find the right argument to push in this debate. I have been thinking about all this for a while and I am feeling sort of estranged about all this, but again I find all of this very natural to human beings. I think it’s kind of new for me to understand all this. Because when one is a young kid, he is in the middle of all that, he doesn’t take the time to analyze everything as an outsider. I guess now that I am entering another phase of my life I can think about these ‘questions’ more in depth.