The Real Tech Disruption

by Esmat

Remember the good old days – when you would be surprised on your birthday? You wouldn’t remember it’s your birthday and then someone would be nice enough to remember that and would say, “Happy Birthday!”.

Not anymore sadly.

Now everyone who has an account on any social media platform will get notified of their birthday by a computer, which to be honest is so inhumane in it’s own way. There is this human touch and connection that’s missing, which a computer can never imitate, or even if it can imitate, the result will not be equal to that of a human connection.

I recently opened the Calendar app on my iPhone and checked the month of April for any events and there on 6th of April it said Esmat Zeerak’s ** Birthday. Right there, the Calendar app ruined the surprise element of my birthday.

We rarely think of how much the new technology has disrupted our lives in a way which we don’t want to be disrupted. I honestly wanted to be surprised on my birthday. Nevermind now. Okay, I agree, I can still be surprised with a gift. But that’s up to you people reading this!

If you want a reply to your birthday wish, please either wish me in person or call me, just don’t write Happy Birthday on my Facebook profile, because let’s face it, there’s not much message to it that I should reply t0.