The Godforsaken Neighbour – II

by Esmat

I don’t know if you call it courtesy or a sense of community or whatever. It’s just that my neighbor, has to have some consideration if someone else is living next door to them. Which they don’t currently and it is sort of frustrating. I think my neighbour thinks that this part of the city is only their habitat.

About a year ago I wrote this: The Godforsaken Neighbour

Let me tell you something about waking up.

Waking up while the morning sun hits your face is a good feeling – a natural way to wake up;

Waking up while a quailing bird, making it’s obnoxious, severely annoying, disastrously squeaking noise (okay, that’s enough with the adjectives Shakespeare), is not a OKAY way to wake up from sleep. Especially when it’s sometimes 3am.

Here’s my plea to the neighbour:

Either donate your bird-enterprises-business-pleasure-obsesssion thingy to a much needed sightseeing landmark or organisation such as Bagh Wahshi Kabul (Kabul Zoo) or just you know shoot them, because I’ve had it to my limits now and I seriously can’t take the annoying sounds that your birds are making. Sometimes even the invasion that they make to our backyard.


Your godforsaken neighbour.

I am not happy to report that recently one afternoon while I was snoozing, the notorious ‘quailing bird’ made a terrible squeaking noise and put me off in a bad mode for the rest of the day.

My message to my obnoxious neighbour is – please consider relocating to a more appropriate habitat where your birds can scream all they want, just not here, never here.


Your godforsaken neighbour