In Between Places

by Esmat

A couple of years ago in the Geography class at school, I learned that Istanbul has one leg in the continent Europe and one leg in the continent Asia. I never got to learn where the exact line was and I don’t really know that now (come to think of it, I can probably Google that), but about two years ago while I was travelling to States, along the way I stopped in Istanbul for a couple of days and took the tour of the bosphorous river, which is a quintessential touristy thing to do for any tourist in Istanbul and midway through the tour my father pointed to the famous bridge that connects Europe to Asia and showed me that the exact line would be somewhere there in the bridge.

The contrast is quite very visible on both sides of the bridge but I like that. The intersection of two different continents is literally to see the intersection of different cultures (although in the same country). But I noticed how on one side of the bridge there are countless enormous mosques, which are very beautiful; and on the other side of the bridge there are these countless European style homes and villas on wavy hills. It truly is a sight.

Today, I had to check Istanbul’s time for some reason and went to add the clock on my phone and I kept looking for it in the Asian region without any success, then took a look at the European region of the clock and found it there. This reminded me of the anecdote.