Making Sense of The Elections

by Esmat

It is a strange time that we live in. Things happen without any explanation, things do not even make any sense, they are just happening. There are many phenomena that do not even have any way of explanation. One of them is Donald Trump, the mad man, as he is looked on by the Americans I see.

Recently, the school newspaper here at Phillips Academy, The Phillipian conducted a survey and asked students on campus, who will they vote for in the upcoming presidential elections. Unsurprisingly 76% was for Clinton and surprisingly 14% for Trump. I didn’t even think that Trump would garner up 2%. It is kind of scary for me to see this, who would agree with Trump on his vision for America if he even has one?! A few days later, there was an article in the paper in the commentary section by a student who defended Trump and basically his point was that the hate for Trump is over-blown, and the guy deserves some respect for his visions for America. Then right below the article in print, there was another article by another student who offered harsh words for the students who chose to vote for Trump in the survey. One can see the tensions rising on campus, but one can also see how much this does not make any sense anymore, Trump or Clinton, they are all part of the same hierarchy. Maybe Clinton is less evil than Trump, but can people please stop and see how far this has come and how it is all wrong?

With all due respect to my American friends: save the country that is great or was once great, do not let it fall to corruption. I have heard from people around saying, “I know they are both dishonest people, but at this point, I am trying to choose the lesser of two evil.” I get it, you would rather choose someone less evil but you are still choosing evil. You all have been told so many fictions, that you don’t even think outside of it anymore, lies and lies over and over again. I guess I see how at this point there is no other option than these two people,  but the time for change is always there. Media is playing their own narrative, they are showing more and more how evil is Trump and how Clinton is an innocent public servant. They are making it into simple matters of good vs. bad, good vs. evil and etcetera. Where is the objectivity anymore? I feel bad for Trump in this regard, I feel that they are not showing the bad side of Clinton as much as they should. At the end of the day, they are both power players and dishonest, it is just a level of how much they are dishonest and corrupt.

I just felt the need to put my two-cents here about how I feel for the elections, now that it is the time. Think wisely, and hold them accountable, whoever you think is right, although it could have been better.