I love writing things down that does not exist, at least not physically (but does exist in my dreams), and have a habit of doing so. However, you may have read this subtitle somewhere here – “A Memoir In Writing”. It shows explicitly that everything is written here is in the style of a memoir which is of course ‘non-fiction’. Thus for such reasons I have created this page which will showcase my words in fiction. Beware that you may find things ‘out of the ordinary’ in these fiction pieces, most of them have been born out of figments of my many dreams I have had every night.

Agreed that they are sometimes ridiculous and amusing but that’s the beauty of it or ridiculousness of it. I am also doing this to imitate my favourite magazine, The New Yorker which also has an infamous Fiction section both in print and the web where prolific authors of fiction take the risk of publishing a piece that has the luxury to be read by the millions of hearty readers of the magazine. I humbly ‘dream’ of such a day when my fiction piece will be published by the magazine, of course a dream I want to see come to fruition, not only remain in the realms of my fictitious-brain. (Noticed that? I just coined a new phrase, “fictitious-brain”)

I welcome any sort of comments, as long as they don’t contain the…you know which words I mean. And thank you for reading.