Tangled Up In Blue

by E

Mr. Bob Dylan has always been somewhat of a father figure in terms of cultivating my musical taste. I mean, of course, I have never met the man in the flesh, but I have met the man a bunch of times by listening to his music, so to speak. It should go without saying that his oeuvre has an encyclopedic range to it, and I find it all quite edifying, again, in terms of learning a whole bunch about what makes his songs so good.

So how do you get high on life when you have committed yourself to a completely sober life — no alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, or even bad memes?

Personally, I have chosen the path of making avocado toasts, drinking copious amounts of tea (my new addiction), putting on my earphones, and listening to entire albums of Mr. Dylan while running or doing ellipticals. This evening I happened to listen to the entirety of his Dante-esque (“Italian poet from the thirteenth century”) album, Blood on The Tracks.

And let me tell you, it works. You get the same high without dealing with the onset of cognitive impairment months later as is usually the case when certain substances are abused.